TELESIN Gopro Dome Port for GoPro Hero8 Black,


Underwater 6 inches GoPro Diving Dome Port with Waterproof Cover Case + Floating Bobber Handle + Trigger for GoPro Hero 8 Black

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  • The underwater dome port is specially designed for Gopro Hero 8 Black underwater photography.
  • Enjoy taking those epic shots over and under the water with help from TELESIN underwater dome port. Makes it easy to take distortion-free photos under the water or half above and half below.
  • This gopro dome port is ideal for snorkeling, diving or swimming pools, the transparent dome makes it possible to capture distortion-free photos, whether positioned completely below the surface of water or half above and half below the surface for an extra-spectacular perspective.
  • The TELESIN waterproof dome port have a line on the back indicating where the halfway point. Use that line to level shots and to gauge how much of the shot is above the water and below the waterline especially if you can’t see the screen on your GoPro.
  • This GoPro dome made of durable acrylic, the camera accessory’s dome provides optimal transparency and long-lasting, scratch-resistant performance. Its waterproof casing locks your GoPro camera securely in place, keeping it dry and protected, and a cleaning cloth comes included for wiping down the dome as needed.


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